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Sterlin Thompson Sent the Noles Packing with One Swing and it was Beautiful

Missile. Boomstick. Dinger. Bomb. Blast. Moonshot. Rake. Jack. Tater. ICBM. Whatever you want to call it, kiss it goodbye forever. With one swing of the bat, Sterlin Thompson immasculated the Florida State Seminoles in glorious fashion.

There are few things in sports more satisfying than a walk off homer, let alone against your rival in a series rubber match. But, what makes this even more satisfying is the deja vu.

It seems like whenever the Noles stroll into Florida Ballpark (I refuse to call it Condron until next season), they get run out of town with a laser shot.

This spring, I've put myself to work consuming almost every Gator Baseball game, even taking a page out of the Great Depression's book by listening in on the radio (shoutout WRUF). Although I always enjoy Jeff Cardozo's Chuck Berry references and soothing tone, believe me when I tell you this year hasn't been all flowers and sunshine.

There have been plenty of downs. Dropping the series to Liberty was a rough start, and struggling to stay near .500 in a rough SEC schedule was disheartening. The Vols embarrassed us at home and wore our football helmets as if the sweep wasn't enough, and, don't forget the creme de la creme of bad beats: getting swept by Georgia in Athens (which was not good for my cardiovascular health).

However, even with all these rough spots, I'm gonna say it:

This made it all worth it.

The bat flip; the stare. Chef's kiss.

I am officially putting my "Don't Look Now" stamp on this Gator Baseball team. Sure, maybe we'll get swept out of the regional again and I'll look like an idiot, but I don't care. Personal Policy: Let the takes fly.

The Gainesville Sluggers have won 10 of their last 12, including 3 straight SEC series W's. We have momentum going into the final series of the regular season this weekend vs South Carolina, and if we keep playing good ball, hopefully we can make a run in the SEC Tourney and beyond.

Also, that ball might be in the Gulf by now.

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