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Q&A With 2025 Four-Star WR Koby Howard

The Florida Gators are starting to identify their top targets for the 2024 recruiting class, but also keeping their eyes on the top 2025 prospects as well. One of their top targets for the 2025 class is four-star WR Koby Howard from Pensacola Catholic (Fla.).

I was able to sit down with Howard and go a little more in depth with him about his return from an injury he suffered late in the summer and get an update on his recruitment.

Anthony Beck: So I know after you put together a big time freshman season you were looking to build on that during your sophomore season, but suffered an injury during a camp down at the University of Miami. My first question to you is where are you at with your recovery?

Koby Howard: My recovery has been going good. Just been working out and getting it better.

AB: What was the hardest part about going through the injury and rehab in general and how did it affect you?

KH: The hardest part I'd say was watching my team run out on the field without me. And it affected me a lot, but I tried to not get too discouraged knowing I would get cleared November 1st.

AB: When you finally got cleared to play, how confident were you that you could go out there and perform without any restrictions?

KH: I was a little iffy about how I would do and mainly worried about it just not happening again. After those couple of games I played though I built my confidence back up.

AB: After a great freshman season, your recruitment really started to pick up with offers pouring in. Which school was your first offer and what was that feeling like when it came in?

KH: Florida State. It was a really great feeling. I wasn’t expecting it and my first offer was a big power 5 school. Most kids don’t get that so it was very exciting.

AB: Where are you when it comes to your recruitment? Are there any schools standing out to you right now?

KH: The schools in the SEC are the schools standing out to me the most right now. Seeing more of the receivers turn out to be great receivers in the league is what I’ve been noticing. And that’s my dream is to be in the NFL, but whatever school is best for me is what school I will go too. Towards the end of my junior season, I could have a better answer for you, but right now it’s still early.

AB: My final question I have for you is what are your goals for next season and do you have a timeline for you to make a decision?

KH: I wanna win the state championship. I wanna get between 1500-2000 yards with 20 something TD’s, and I don’t really have a timeline. I think I’ll just go with the flow. I'm really watching the development of these players at few of the schools I’m interested in this season. I want to be developed for the next level. QB play has a has a small percentage in my overall decision. I also want to play for a winning program and have a chance to win a national title and have a chance to win Heisman trophy!

My takeaway from talking to Koby is that he’s gonna be one of the top players in the country and work hard to earn a spot whenever he gets to college. Every school in the country is recruiting him and wherever he goes, he has the potential to be a superstar. He’s a great person and seems like he’s a leader by example. I believe he’s definitely gonna be very successful both on and off the field no matter where he goes as well as after. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for him.

Stay tuned to Stadium And Gale for more on the Florida Gators and the Flagship Forum.

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