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LSU Week

Florida/LSU week is here, and despite what the records show, this matchup is sure to be a fun one. In my opinion Florida avoided a potential hostile environment by getting a noon eastern kickoff time instead of an always intimidating night game in Death Valley. There hasn't been much build up about the game so far, but the week isn't over yet. Florida opened as a 9.5 point favorite over the Tigers in Baton Rouge. That should tell you all you need to know about the current status of the LSU Tigers. Ed O is everything but fired right now, they are plagued with injuries, and haven't gotten off to the best start in the world. Florida is looking to go into Baton Rouge Saturday and put the final nail in the coffin to this LSU season, and their head coach.

In years past this game has always brought some madness. From hurricanes and cancellations, to shade from both teams being thrown on Twitter, to starting QBs (Will Grier) PED suspension, to fake field goals, fog so thick you could barely see, shoes being thrown (@marco), and many other crazy scenarios. In 2018, Mullen's first year here, LSU traveled to the Swamp and was met with arguably the most hostile environment we had created in a long time. Thanks to Brad Stewart's late pick six, Florida was able to win that one in what would become Coach Mullen's first signature win. In 2019, LSU might have been the best team in College Football history, and we still were within one score late, had the ball, but failed to capitalize. Then there was last year and the unforgettable shoe throw.

With the embarrassment of the 2020 loss to a clearly inferior team, one would have to think Coach Mullen and the Gators have had this game circled for a while. This should be one that you don't have to create excitement for. The Gators should be looking to remind everybody just who they are. The Florida Gators, a team that was once feared by everyone in college football. Coach Mullen and Coach Grantham both should have their guys ready to play after last years debacle, and I'm expecting them to show out on Saturday and leave no doubt about who the better team is.

The other piece that gives me comfort that the Gators will be ready to go, is that for the first time since the infamous "thumb wrestling" speech, we saw some fire out of our head coach last Saturday against Vanderbilt. He was consistently in people's ears (including assistant coaches) any time there were mistakes happening or things not going the way he thought they should go. Florida went into halftime of that game up 21-0, but not nearly playing up to their own standard. Then there was this halftime interview.

Yikes. That's a dude we haven't seen in some time. Perhaps the pressure of the fans is beginning to get at him after "smilegate" that happened after the Kentucky loss where he is seen smiling on his way to shake hands with Kentucky head coach Mark Stoops. Perhaps it was just his teams failure to live up to the Gator Standard. Perhaps he is tired of his team consistently playing at the level of their opponents. Either way, coach was mad. This fire and passion that he took into the locker room clearly got the message across to the players as they quickly came out in the third quarter of that game and scored another 21 points. You would have to assume that this same anger, fire, passion, or whatever else you want to call it has been present this week in practice and meetings as well.

If that is the case, I fully expect the Gators to show up Saturday ready to go. I expect them to handle LSU, close the door on Coach O and any shot he has at returning next year, and defeat a depleted, struggling, and inferior team.

IF, that is the case. After all, it is LSU Week.

Let's just get to Saturday.

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