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Podcast Recap: All Balls Matter

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Quick Game Recap: Florida beat Georgia! The Gators' three main running backs caught for over 200 yards! The wheel route was undefeated! Kyle Trask lost Pitts and Georgia contained Toney, so he spread the ball around to 10 targets! Marco Wilson had a huge turnaround with a low completion rating against him and a big PBU! Freshman OL Josh Braun did not let the Dawgs' DL get any sacks, hurries or pressure on Trask! TEs Gamble and Keon Zipperer showed flashes of excellence! "Next man up mentality" regarding the loss of Pitts!

DANdy Facts:

- Kyle Trask had a QBR of 134.6 on 10+ yd passes against UGA

- Catching RBs on the year: Nay'Quan Wright - 120 yds on 6 catches, 121 YAC; Davis - 15/15 catching, 271 yds; Pierce - 87 yds on 6 catches

- Florida has outscored its opponents in the last 5 mins of the second quarter 55-3

- Tyrique Stevenson allowed 5/5 catches thrown his way, Tyson Campbell 4/5 plus 3 TDs

- Sam Pittman, Arkansas head coach, tested positive for the coronavirus.

--- Interview with Dudley Dawson (@dedsports) of ---

On Feleipe Franks

Silkk: "My man Feleipe Franks has 14 touchdowns and three interceptions. He's definitely playing better football... What do you think the game plan is for Saturday?" Dawson: "He still holds the ball too long and takes a lot of sacks, but he's been more careful to throw it to his team. I really like Feleipe. He seems like a very mature young man. [Arkansas] has played eight different QBs in the last two seasons... He has solidified the position."

Dan: "It seems like Feleipe Franks is more mobile this year than he was at Florida, already rushing for more yards this season than he did his whole UF career. Is that something [we] can expect to see?

Dawson:"He can pick up 8-10 yards. He's done a good job of taking what defenses have given him. I don't know how much of a factor that will be, but he's not really the feature of their offense. That would be [Hogs RB] Treylon Burks."

On Arkansas' Defense

Ahmad: "Are you guys more of a zone or a man team?" Dawson:"Definitely more of a zone. They'll play some man when the situation dictates. They have been really good at playing zone this year. " Says guys who played offensive positions in high school make plays in a zone defense.

Ahmad: "Are any [defenders] someone we should be on the lookout for? The guy who you think will make the most plays?"

Dawson: Jalen Catalon... He's as good a safety as Arkansas has had in a long, long time. He's the key to the defense."

On Arkansas' Offense

Dan: "How good is the offensive line at Arkansas?"

Dawson: "I would say that the offensive line is just okay, but they have found five guys who can hold it together during the course of the game.

Dan: "How do you see Arkansas winning this game?" Dawson: "You cannot leave the ball in Kyle Trask's hands. Nobody expects them to come to Florida and win. They're gonna go in and try to throw everything against the wall. You could see a lot of cute plays -- not a big fan of those, but sometimes they work. Florida is one of the top teams in the country... it should be a fun game... 41-24, Florida."

--- The Guys Chop it Up ---

On Feleipe Franks

Silkk: "Our secondary could be fooled at times. I think his legs could be a problem as well."

Ahmad: "You know he wanna shush the crowd."

Silkk: "Oh, he can't wait. And rightfully so! He's coming into Gainesville to compete and do what he's supposed to do. He's gonna come in and play hero ball on us."

Dan: "How do you think [the Gators] scheme against a power thrower like Feleipe Franks, and just the fact that he was at Florida so long, how do you think Florida's ability is to scheme against him?"

Ahmad: "Of course Arkansas might go in and ask him about our defense and how we prepare, but I'm not afraid of that."

On Arkansas

Dan: "Arkansas is 3-3, coming off a big win, in their mind, against Tennessee. Got beat by Georgia pretty bad, beat Mississippi State, Ole Miss, kept it kind of close against Texas A&M, Auburn... I think the only way they win is if Florida loses by making mistakes on the defensive side of the ball... I think that Florida does well." Silkk: "That's my biggest thing -- stopping the run game like we just did against Georgia. Ima keep it real with you, everyone is hyping up Barry Odom and the Arkansas defense, but if Bo Nix can go get 30, I think our guys can get 70."

Dan: "They've got a lot of missed tackles this season, they're not great in man coverage."

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